Consultancy in Empowerment and Organization Development

Empowerment and Organizational Development go hand in hand with business development and growth.

By Organizational Development we mean all the activities that activate the company’s wealth of knowledge and expertise to contribute to the organization of work processes, to make the use of resources rational and to facilitate the flow of information. Involves, in different times and ways, the internal Stakeholders of the Business Ecosystem®.

The effects manifest themselves in the involvement and participation in the processes of change of all personnel, including the Board; in the increased capacity to respond to new market demands, in professional, collaborative, productive and pleasing relationships, in increasing the value of the group’s capabilities.

They are processes, monitored and gradual, to transfer the skills that people need, to respond to the phases of evolution and growth of the business, facilitating the execution of strategic plans for the company’s value objectives.

CONSULNET guarantees the development of the company system. Integrates specialists in the delivery of appropriate techniques, skills and relationship strategies for change. Specialists, professional coaches and strategic counselors, carry training models and technologies. With on-the-job, traditional, e-learning or blended interventions, they are able to guarantee the fast, structured growth of people, in a coherent and harmonious way with the culture of the Organization and in line with the strategic objectives.

Consulting and Training in Empowerment

Consulnet supports companies and develops training courses in the following business areas:

Consultancy and training for the definition of the strategic mission/vision of the company, the support in the resolution of management and organizational issues and the implementation of directional dashboards and related monitoring.

Training courses on:
- Management of the Generational Transition

Consultancy and training for the correct sizing of the company's human capital, performance evaluation, mapping, training and development of competences and personal skills for the improvement of the entire business organization.

Training course on:
- Engagement Involvement and Motivation
- Business Coaching and Leadership Techniques
- Effective interpersonal communication
- Time Management
- People Management
- Public Speaking

Consultancy and training for the definition and implementation of effective marketing and communication strategies, and for the choice of the most appropriate ways of promoting the company's products and services.

Consultancy and training for the support of the sales network in the acquisition of planning and monitoring capabilities and in the optimization of business development.

Consultancy and training for the systematic planning, implementation and continuous improvement of interconnected business processes.

Training courses on:
- Techniques for the improvement of Business processes

Consultancy and training for the setting up of the correct organization of the IT function in order to create value to support the entire company.

Consultancy and training for the development of the ability to integrate and understand corporate information to support decision-making processes.

Training courses on:
- Measure and monitor business performance
- Support, manage and reduce business risks
- Budget setting, monitoring and management control

Consultancy and training for the support in the design, implementation, monitoring and improvement of integrated management systems with a view to optimization of the business processes.

Consultancy and training for setting up of a company function able to support internal activities and to guarantee the accuracy of contracts, procedures and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as any reputational risks.

Training courses on:
- Setting up of an Integrated Corporate Compliance system
- Members of Supervisory Bodies and experts in D.Lgs. 231/2001

Empowerment: definition

Organizational Empowerment is an action that fosters personal and professional potential achieving targets relevant to individuals and to the Organization, therefore granting a full satisfaction.