Communication is the soul of commerce, said an old adage. We now affirm: communication animates sustainability.

Yes, because it is precisely communication that enhances and amplifies the concrete actions put in place by the company, creating that virtuous multiplier that is at the basis of the cultural and business revolution we promise to bring about.

Communication not only motivates the corporate environment by educating it toward sustainable issues, but more importantly, by speaking to different Stakeholders, it expands to create a new mood and a renewed brand image.

Consulnet studies ad hoc sustainability communication strategies, drafts dedicated editorial plans for social, websites and offline media, writes storytelling that then finds its way into corporate intranets and social media, including logos and payoffs.

Communication, especially sustainability communication, has its rules: knowing them to avoid greenwashing is an important competitive advantage.

  • Logos and payoffs
  • Dedicated editorial plans
  • Posts and mini-videos for social media
  • New pages for the website
  • Initiatives for internal population
  • Video clips
  • Video interviews for Board and Managers
  • Print and billboards
  • Commercials