Consultancy in Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the tool to monitor corporate activities and it helps to create value for the Company ensuring continuity of performance.

Corporate Governance is intended as a strategic system of compensation between the interests of the various internal and external stakeholders of a Company, such as board of directors, workers, collaborators, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, partners and institutions.

It expresses the rules and the processes according to which decisions are made, the ways in which the corporate objectives are established, as well as the tools for achieving and measuring the results obtained.

CONSULNET supports the Borad to ensure constant reliability in the implementation of corporate strategies, through the identification of the corporate governance structure, the methods of supervision, internal and group policies, madatory laws, procedures that follow international standards, and that regulate the sector of reference and the specific activities.

Consulting and Training in Corporate Governance

Consulnet supports companies and develops training courses on:

Corporate Governance: definition

Corporate Governance is a set of tools, rules, processes and corporate systems aimed at the correct and efficient management of the Company. It regulates the functioning of the corporate management and control bodies in order to pursue the targets set by shareholders and partners and to safeguard the interests of the stakeholders.