Consultancy in Corporate Compliance

The growth of an enterprise in a globalized and highly dynamic context requires the ability to evolve in compliance both with the external constraints imposed by laws and regulations and with strategies and policies internally defined.

The identification and monitoring of solutions that guarantee conformity with defined and binding requirements, within the company and in the supply chain, are the instruments for Corporate Compliance.

The progressive enactment of laws originates the need for a corporate ecosystem in which rules are interacting to guarantee Corporate Compliance. It entails the need to assess the impact that each provision has on every obligation put into place by a given structure. This results in the creation of a harmonic system in compliance with all the various related laws and regulations.

A Company Management System combining several requirements and providing an organic view of integrated compliance is essential to achieve the objectives of effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

CONSULNET supports companies in the management of Corporate Compliance with the creation of integrated Management Systems to facilitate the conformity with regulations and business strategies. Thus it fosters stakeholders trust and creates a real competitive advantage, ensuring transparency in relationships, business continuity and reduction of Reputational Risk.

Consulting and Training in Corporate Compliance

Consulnet supports companies and develops training courses on:

Corporate Compliance: definition

Corporate Compliance is a precautionary activity aimed at preventing the risk of non-compliance of corporate activities in respect of rules, laws, policies and internal procedures, suggesting the most appropriate solutions when critical issues are found.