Sustainability is now widely recognized by companies as a strategic and competitive lever, according to the logic that being responsible and creating value for all stakeholders contributes to improving the economic performance of the company.

In this area of ​​relevance we are able to provide innovative and highly specialized solutions for the integration of sustainability principles and practices, thanks also to consolidated partnerships with some of the main players and to proactive participation with sector networks.

Consulnet in partnership with Rödl & Partner and Wellnet created Sircle project, providing to their customers the necessary tools to face the challenges of the future, with a focus on Sustainability.

CONSULNET support companies in designing efficient and innovative paths aimed at integrating sustainability into their business models in a structured manner, with the aim of making it the source of differentiation on the market and a tool to monitor environmental, social and governance aspects.

Consulting and training on Sustainability

Sustainability practice areas:

Consulnet in partnership with Rödl & Partner and Wellnet created Sircle project, providing to their customers the necessary tools to face the challenges of the future, with a focus on Sustainability.
Only an integrated and holistic approach, strong in vertical skills, can ensure sustainable growth for companies, that is able to lead the business towards the future and the acquisition of competitive advantages.

EASI®, Corporate Ecosystem® Integrated Sustainable, is a proprietary model, which designs an innovative path for the integration of Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the company's strategy and processes.

- creation of structured methodologies for assessing ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) criteria relevant for the purposes of the internal control and risk management system regarding sustainability;
- integrated solutions for the management of sustainability risk assessment processes, system procedures, operating instructions, which allow the Company to manage the systems in an integrated manner and with a gradual approach.

- advisory/consulting activity and support to the Board in matters of Sustainability: such as the processes, initiatives and activities aimed at overseeing the Company's commitment to sustainable development along the value chain.

- Analysis of materiality
- Analysis of the Sustainable Development Goals
- Strategic workshops

Definition of models, policies and processes to support Sustainability Management.

- Stakeholder Management Models
- Structured processes involving Stakeholders
- Multistakeholder Forum

- Support for the development of Sustainability Reports (GRI, Sector Guidelines)
- Support for the preparation of the Non-Financial Statement pursuant to Legislative Decree 254/2016

- Support for identification and analysis of risks related to the supply chain
- SA8000 Standard for Social Responsibility
- ISO 20400 Sustainable supply

(Ita) Per poter affrontare e gestire situazioni di emergenza ed essere resilienti agli effetti che queste situazioni potrebbero generare è necessario:

- avere un chiaro processo di governance delle emergenze, con una chiara definizione della catena di comando
- sapere cosa fare quando vi sono già le prime indicazioni di una possibile emergenza, senza dover prendere (o minimizzando per quanto possibile) decisioni improvvisate a emergenza in atto.

Un buon approccio alla continuità operativa richiede la capacità di saper riconoscere le potenziali minacce che potrebbero colpire l'organizzazione e analizzarne i possibili impatti sulle normali attività dell'organizzazione.

Consulnet supporta le aziende nelle seguenti attività:

- Assessment dei processi aziendali per la gestione delle emergenze
- Definizione dei processi di governance per la gestione delle crisi e delle emergenze
- Individuazione e analisi delle vulnerabilità e delle minacce
- Analisi degli impatti sul business
- Definizione dei piani di business continuity
- Sviluppo di un sistema di gestione della Business Continuity conforme alla norma ISO22301

Sustainability: definition

A company is truly sustainable if it is able to guarantee a competitive business position by creating shared value with all the Stakeholders over time, measuring business decisions by analyzing all the impacts (economic and others) that they determine.