Consultancy in Risk Management:
Analysis and Management of Corporate Risk

In a constantly changing global economic environment, the implementation of specific Enterprise Risk Management practices allows organizations to measure and estimate risks and opportunities, and therefore to develop strategies able to govern it.

The concept of Risk is expanded into Risk / Opportunity, in which negative impacts (threats) are associated with potential positive impacts (opportunities to be pursued). A global approach to Risk Management, based on a correct identification process, analysis, evaluation and control, helps to identify the potential impact of the different types of threats on the company stability and on the safety of processes, results, activities, resources involved, products and services offered.

Business Risk Management is a constant and proactive process that involves Corporate Strategy and must be integrated into the Organization’s culture.

A company implementing a Risk Management System becomes a reliable partner for its customers and contributes positively and differentially in the extended value chain.

CONSULNET supports Companies in Risk Management to consciously face risks and opportunities and to achieve specific goals.

Consulting and Training in Risk Management

Consulnet supports companies and develops training courses on:

Training courses for Risk Management System
(From 16 hours)

- possible integration in other management systems

(Ita) Risk Probability è la probabilità che si verifichi un rischio.
Risk Impact Assesment è il processo di valutazione delle probabilità e delle conseguenze dei rischi. I risultati di questa valutazione sono poi utilizzati per dare priorità ai rischi e per stabilire una classifica di criticità.

Risk Management: definition

Risk Management is a set of activities, methodologies and resources coordinated to guide and keep an Organization under control in view of potential risks or threats.